Tonya Leitz is a Northern California-based painter working in acrylic, charcoal and ink on canvas and paper. Her gestural and evocative pieces combine rich textures and intense colors to create works of art that jump off the canvas. Her art pulses with emotion and energy, depicting everything from stylized renditions of the human figure, to purely abstract works. She has shown her work in venues across the United States, and has collectors from coast to coast.

Tonya studied at New England School of Photography and The Art Institute of Boston.

Studio & Practice

Tonya shares:

“My studio is my messy place, where I use acrylic paint, pastels, and ink on paper and canvas. I use whatever I can find to push paint around, my work is full of energy, passion, movement, and freedom. I’m not afraid of color.

My art is about how I see the world around me, I soak it up, feel it, and express a visual and emotional response. The world inspires me: love, nature, the human body, pain, all that is beautiful and ugly. I love painting abstract figures and faces; facial expressions and people inspire me.

My sensitivity towards other people and the issues of our world can be seen in my work. My practice is healing to me; I create in order to breathe, to process the intensity of the world we are part of. Music is a huge inspiration in my process, and I like it loud.

My work is a constant practice, always evolving, changing and growing beside me.”